Monday, August 04, 2003

My Trip to Dubai

My school decided to organize a trip for all the tenth grade. We had a choice of either an expensive trip to Lebanon or sleepover in Dubai. We chose the trip to Dubai because it was cheaper and closer to our home.
It was a Thursday morning. We got dressed and assembled in the courtyard. After all the students got into the buses and everything was organized and ready, we set off to Dubai.
The trip was so fun that we didn't feel the time pass by. We were listening to music and passing food around. The distance from Abu Dhabi to Dubai seemed to be shorter than usual.
When we reached Dubai, we first headed to the museum. There were many interesting things about the history of U.A.E. But, like all other musuems, it was boring.
Next, we went to Wafi City. I thought it was amazing. But, it turned out to be like all the other malls.
In the evening, we went to Wild Wadi, which I thought was great. It was so fun I felt as if I was in a different country.Many people were there. Everybody was having fun. The water slide was one of the most popular attractions in the water park. I couldn't get bored of it. Even though I tried it more than ten times. It was so huge. We had to go up this small tower to get to the top. It takes us about ten minutes, since the weather up there is cold and we're wearing nothing but shorts. But once we reach the top, its all worth it. We slide down this dark pipe. You could hear your echo as you scream. It was, for sure, better than the rollercoaster ride.

After four hours of continues fun, it was time to go. It was getting dark and very cold. We got our things and then headed towards the bus. We were on our way home when I thought how I would never forget this experience.

Saturday, August 02, 2003

My Favourite Hobby

One of my favourite hobbies is collecting things. My goal is to have a wide collection of many things. Before, I liked collecting marbles. I had a collection of over 500 marbles. They were in every size and colour. But, I lost interest and gave them to my younger brother so he could continue collecting. But, as expected, he didn't. Instead, he lost most of my collection.

My brother also loves collecting things. In fact, he has a large collection of Pokemon cards and toys. He also has a large amount if rubber balls. I hope his collection continus to grow in the future!

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